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Increased likelihood of contracting Parkinson’s disease for those handling and applying Rotenone:
2.5x …read more

According to the EPA, the percent likelihood that acute aquatic Rotenone exposure will kill endangered California red-legged frogs: 100 …read more

The year the Western Environmental Law Center prevailed in stopping the state of California from poisoning a pristine stream in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness with Rotenone: 2011 …read more

Year the Forest Service in California began to question the impacts of fish stocking on other species, such as the yellow-legged frog: 1995 …read more

Number of lakes in the Sierra Nevada regularly stocked with rainbow trout prior to 2001: 1,000 …read more

Number of lakes in the Sierra Nevada regularly stocked after 2001: 20 …read more

Maximum number of mountain lakes targeted for rainbow trout eradication: 150 …read more

Number of hatchery-raised rainbow trout still released into U.S. lakes and streams each year to boost recreational fishing: 100 million …read more

Number of years anglers and government wildlife agencies have stocked non-native game fish to boost recreational fishing opportunities: 125
…read more

Year Rotenone was registered in the U.S.: 1947 …read more

Number of Rotenone formulations: 29 …read more

Number of common brands of Rotenone labeled as an insecticide: 6 …read more

Number of macroinvertebrate (insect) species in a typical healthy stream: 200 …read more

Percentage of macroinvertebrate taxa (insect types) a Forest Service study showed were still missing from the Strawberry River in Utah 5 years after Rotenone treatment: 24 …read more

Number of miles of Montana’s Cherry Creek near Bozeman targeted for poisoning by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) in order to eradicate non-native trout and re-stock Westslope Cutthroat Trout: 60 …read more

Percentage of fish in the 60 miles MFWP estimates will be killed: 100 …read more

Number of native fish species, estimated by MFWP, occurring in Cherry Creek: 7 …read more

Number of extra miles of Cherry Creek MFWP admits to have accidentally poisoned in August 2010: 4 …read more

Average number of fish per mile in Cherry Creek, according to MFWP survey data: 1,800 …read more

Reported cost of multi-year Cherry Creek Westslope Cutthroat Trout Restoration Project: $500,000 …read more

The last time the EPA conducted a comprehensive study of Rotenone: 1988
…read more

According to the EPA, the number of major data gaps with Rotenone testing: 4 …read more

Gallons of 5% Rotenone it takes to kill all of the fish in a one-acre, 4-foot deep pond (4 acre-feet), including tough species like bullhead and carp: 1.3 …read more

Minutes it takes a carp, exposed to a lethal dose of Rotenone, to die: 35
…read more

Number of acre-feet treated with Rotenone in Lake Davis, Ca. to remove predatory pike: 45,000 …read more

Number of gallons of Rotenone used in Lake Davis: 17,000 …read more

Tons of fish disposed of in plastic bags: 25 …read more

Percentage of haul that were the dreaded pike: 6 …read more

Estimated cost of the Lake Davis project: $16 million more

Amount the state had to pay the city of Portola, Ca. after dumping Rotenone
into Lake Davis in 1997, when it was the city’s water supply:
$9.2 million
…read more

Number of suspected carcinogens contained in the Rotenone formulation called CFT Legumine being used in Lake Davis: 2 …read more

Number of suspected reproductive toxins in CFT Legumine: 1 …read more

Number of independent studies linking Rotenone to Parkinson’s Disease: 2
…read more

Number of wilderness lakes Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks intends to poison with Rotenone beginning October 2007 as part of its South Fork Flathead Watershed Westslope Cutthroat Trout Conservation Program: 21
…read more

Number of lake acres affected by the South Fork Flathead Watershed
Westslope Cutthroat Trout Conservation Program:
901 …read more

Number of federal or Montana numeric water quality standards for
rotenone or antimycin:
0 …read more

Number of days Rotenone remains toxic when water temperature is 65º to 75º F: 5 …read more

Number of days Rotenone remains toxic to fish when water temperature is 45º F: 33 …read more

Average temperature of Montana lakes slated for reclamation in October: 47º F …read more

Out of nine thought-to-be relic populations of greenback cutthroat trout sampled in Colorado by the state fish and game agency, the number that Colorado fish and game first thought were another subspecies, the Colorado cutthroat trout: 5 …read more

Out of the nine thought-to-be relic populations of greenback cutthroats,
the number that were harvested for stocking by the state of Colorado to try to boost the greenback cutthroat population:
9 …read more

Number of years Colorado stocked the mistaken subspecies of trout: 20 …read more

Actual number of streams in 2012 researches found actually contained rare greenback cutthroat: 1 …read more

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